Monday, December 29, 2008

The Top 25 VoIP Innovations of 2008

A very interesting article on VoIP-NEWS by Robert Poe - The Top 25 VoIP Innovations of 2008.

My comments to some of the innovations:

1. Creating an iNum country code for VoIP

This I do not unerstand. Maybe I'm shortsighted, maybe I don't understand the details - but what is the point in creating a ungeographical country prefix for VoIP ...unless you plan to create a VoIP country maybe :) ?! Ungeographical area prefix within a country for VoIP - makes sense to me. This is much like a mobile prefix. VoIP endpoints and softclients are less stationary than a regular fixed so a different prefix than the regular geographical prefix is understandable. Now, a few years back a VoIP prefix was added to the Polish numbering plan and even up till now it is not fully serviced, I think only one of the three mobile carriers actually route the prefix. OK, I know that this only shows how effective the Polish Regulator is but if we now put this in a bigger perspective confidering the iNum country code I just don't see how all the carriers will now jump at the idea, create new (IP maybe) InterConnects and start routing the new country code.


3. Extending voice-streaming technology to video

I have good experience with GIPS, we use their audio libraries in our software client at Gadu-Gadu so I'm very happy with GIPS extending to Video.


5. Voice-to-text transcription for both incoming and outgoing messages

Although I personlly like the idea, I don't think there are any commercially sucessfull voice-to-text services and I know a few that were very unsuccessfull. I think text-to-voice apps will follow the the same downward path. It's just easier to make a www based service :)

6. Free ad-supported international calling

Cool, cool, cool ! I love the idea and think this is where voice calling is going.


12. VoIP peering for Web-phone companies

There have been quite a few initiatives like this. Let's just go with Enum !

13. Flexible Web-based conferencing for SMBs (small- to medium-sized businesses)

Calliflower puts a fresh breeze over conferencing - excellent service.


15. IMs containing voice instead of text

Hmm.. It seems a bit complicated. First call a number, say the person from your contact list (probably a few times before it gets it right), record the message. The receipient then has to call the number and enter.... aaaah, just type 'Hi' - seems easier! :)


22. Turning Web developers into phone-service providers

Ribbit. Very innovative, bringing advanced voice features to developers in simple APIs. I wonder what SIP Servlet, Parlay, etc creators think when they read these ? Damn... now everyone know - it isn't rocket science !

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