Sunday, October 18, 2009

more on google wave

some interresting things I have come across related to what google wave might bring us.

Pulp Fiction quotes wave
cool video with quotes form Pulp Fiction showing the different functionalities and mashups that are possbile within a wave. I think this basically shows what wave is all about.

Voice collaboration in Waves Ribbit
Two voice gadgets are brought to wave by combining the Ribbit REST API and Wave API. Ribbit conference gadget allows for wave participants to join a real time conference call. And Ribbit mesage gadget allows session members to leave each other offline voice messages. The gadget displays the transcription of the message while the actual recording is attached as an mp3.

Conversation Streams in Google Wave
Powered by Ribbit

Ribbit brings voice collaboration to Google Wave

Asterisk and Google Wave
10 possible ideas on how to integrate google wave sessions with asterisk functionalities

Asterisk and Google Wave: 10 ideas

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