Wednesday, March 3, 2010 - the click to call based service ! was launched on February 24. We have actually planned to launch a web based click to call VoIP offering for few years now but there were always things to do which had higher priority and those were mostly to do with the never ending MVNO project. So after launching the MVNO service last year and after things settled down - we've decided to dust off the idea again.

The service is very straight forward to use. On the web page you enter two telephone numbers - yours and the person you are calling, click call and that's it! You can also trigger a phone call by sending a premium sms - we call you back and connect you to the number in the sms message. It makes VoIP more user friendly - without the need of microphones, headsets or tieing the user to the pc.

The service is quite revolutionary when it comes to charging - a flat fee is charged per call, with very low rates. Basically it is assumed that statistically not every call will be max duration.

Great work by the GG VoIP team!

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Anna Schafer said...

I have written a macro that works for single emails, but not for multiple emails. I've found out the problem was that I was missing:Lefery