Saturday, April 3, 2010

largest sip service in Poland 4 years old

Gadu-Gadu's VoIP offering just recently had its 4th birthday...

It all started on 14th February 2006 when Gadu-Gadu launched its own Internet telephony service under Gadu naGłos brand. Now it's quite safe to say that Gadu-Gadu has the largest SIP based VoIP implementation in Poland. We started working for GG at the end of 2005 - it took us a few months to develop the service before kicking off in February 2006. Since then the service grew dynamically size and functional wise - receiving calls from pstn in the im client, calls between GG users, free calls to pstn daily, voicemail, integration with mvno network, and more ... :)

In 2007 Gadu-Gadu was the first carrier in Poland to launch ringback tones for pstn calls answered in the im client. Gadu-Gadu was also the first carrier to launch HD voice calling for all calls between Gdau-Gadu im users based in iSAC GIPS codec. In 2009 video calling was also launched.

The current statistics behing the service are quite impressive

- 1,5 milion active users (where active = at least 1 call in 3 months)
- more than half of the active user base also uses video calls
- 3 milion calls monthly
- 20 thousand established calls per hour during peak
- 0,5 mln voicemail boxes

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